Yō E An is a place for the practice and study of Japanse Shingon Buddhism. In addition we strive to pursue the fine-tuning of our knowledge of Buddhism in general and of Japanese Buddhism in particular. We wish to be actively involved in broadening our religious and spiritual horizon, and to think about the role Buddhism can play within the framework of Western culture.

‘Yō E An’ means Hermitage under the Leaves.” This was the name the Buddhist Master Kōshō Murai gave to his first hermitage, during the restauration of the Chingokuji-temple. The naming conveys the wish that all who are seeking for meaning and compassion can find a shelter in the cool shadow of Buddhist wisdom. This vision is also the foundation of Yō E An, Centre for Shingon Buddhim vzw.

Yō E An is being led by Shaku Jinsen, and is under the spiritual protection of the Chingokuji-temple. In the Chingokuji-temple Shaku Jinsen became an apprentice of the venerable abbot Kōshō Murai, and received his training as a Shingon priest. He remained an active member of the Chingokuji-temple community for a period of eight years.

Shaku Jinsen is a graduate from the department of Japanese Studies, Catholic University of Leuven. He received his Master in Buddhist Studies from the University of Kōyasan, Japan. He underwent the traditional training as a Shingon-priest in the Chingokuji-temple and received the degree of Teacher (Jap. Ajari ) from the Kongōbuji-temple at Kōyasan, the principal seat of the Kōyasan Shingon-school.